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Russian blonde joke

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This is the top-rated joke on, a compendium of funny Internet quotes submitted by users and one of the most popular Runet sites.  Russian humor can be very idiosyncratic, but this kind of joke can be universally appreciated.

Woman: Answer me honestly, yes or no, okay?
Man: Ask away.
Woman: Why do men make fun of blondes?
Man: Yes!


Worshipping Chuck Norris, destroying emo sites: Olbanian language and, part one of many (?)

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A still of the moving header that tops the page at  The text reads, in deliberately mispelt and nonsensical Russian, "Animals chocho Upyachka. Upyachka upyachka!!!"

The moving header that tops the page at As far as I or anyone else can tell, the text reads, in deliberately misspelled and nonsensical Russian, "Animals chocho Upyachka. Upyachka upyachka!!! Gaping jaws move back, repent! I'm an idiot! Kill me, anyone!"

The website is home to the hackers, nerds and bored, jaded youth of Runet, the Russian-language Internet.  It’s the temple of their rude quasi-religion, which worships Chuck Norris, Leonid from the film “300” and quiz-show champion Anatoly Vasserman. anatoly-chuck-and-leonid

It’s also the homeland of the slang language “Olbanian,” a corruption of Russian whose speakers systematically mispronounce words for comic effect (it’s not “Albanian,” but “Olbanian, “get it?). The most common, least offensive Olbanian slang terms are “preved” (instead of “privet,”or “hello”), “Zh’rchik,” the parody of Belorussian low-quality (as many Belorussian, and, I might add, Russian products are) lemonade brand “Zhivchik” that fuels Upyachka warriors in their struggle against emo kids, and “bzhni,” which, according to my friend Anton, can mean “something bad…something good…or nothing at all.”

As they say in Olbanian, “Onotoley real’ni sledit za toboy!” — “Anatoly (“Onotoley” in Olbanian) really has his eye on you!”

P.S. The Russians tell Chuck Norris jokes, too.