How I Ate the Dog part four

The boat motored quietly, in the sense that it didn’t make any noise, and everyone sat silently, everyone was silent, and even those who were escorting us also were silent.  How – sh-sh-sh –the water swished.  No one turned his head, no one looked to the side, everyone froze, as it were.  Scaryyy.

But the sailors who took us were funny, they seemed that way to me then…. But then they blurred together with hundreds of the exact same, in the sense that they were dressed in exactly the same way…. But these ones I remembered… so funny.  (Here it is better to show pictures or photographs of sailors or depict what types they come in and what they do).

Imagine you wake up one morning and you’re a hussar.  That is, a real hussar.  You have that kind of special hat – a shako, with this kind of long thing.  You have this pelisse with an absurd amount of buttons and little braids, breeches, boots, spurs…, and here – a saber, and a horse.  This kind of large animal, this horse.  And moreover, you already know everything: how to ride a horse, how to cut with a saber, how everything is set up, to what regiment you’re assigned, what rank you have, and, even scarier, – you remember past battles and daring raids…. But at the same time you are surprised at all this.  Because you just woke up and there are these kinds of things going on…. And almost every morning for all three years, I thought this way, and the longer I served, the stronger I thought: “I’m a sailor!  A real one!  The kind like in the movies, and in fact even more real.  Just a sailor on a ship, just like that…”

This can’t be!  This is impossible!

Yeaaaah.. but….


2 Responses to “How I Ate the Dog part four”

  1. спасибо вам за перевод! я несколько дней упорно сидела и “гуглила” перевод пьесы или – о, я наивная! – “Рубашки”! пока наконец не прочитала его интервью, где сам Гришковец сказал, что нет перевода на англ. его пьес. Ужас. некстати! спасибо за перевод, я еще нашла субтитры к пьесе, теперь пытаюсь сделать единый текст – мы собираемся читать его и смотреть со студентами-иностранцами, которые интересуются Россией. Если вы не против, можно скопировать у вас кусочек про “какая красота” – хочу его вставить в то, что есть от субтитров и раздать им как пьесу.

    • конечно, возьмите! рад что мой перевод может пригодиться вашим студентам.

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