Summer Garden closed this summer

letny sad night1_smallHere’s another Alexander Belinky photo, this one from inside the Summer Garden, which has been closed all summer due to “technical reasons.”  Absolutely ludicrous and unexcusable, to shut down a landmark like the Summer Garden — where Raskolnikov pondered the murder of the pawnbroker in Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment — for the best months of the year.  I mean, it had only just opened after Petersburg’s long, cold winter.  Even if you’re going to renovate statues or something, you can at least lest visitors to the city, who won’t have another chance, wander the paths or at least see a small part of the garden.


One Response to “Summer Garden closed this summer”

  1. I agree Alec, it is inexcusable that the “summer” gardens have been closed all summer. I remember our disappointment in June, when we were in St. Petersburg, to find out that this most notable “park” (as we say in the U.S.) had been shut down. The best we could do was linger at the gates and try to look down the mysterious green rows for glimpses of its beauty. And now to be at the end of the summer and the gates are still shut–inexcusable.

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