Anti-acrophobia on the roofs of Peter


The view from my roof down Liteyniy Prospekt.

Is there an opposite  of acrophobia?  I’ve suddenly developed a keen obsession for heights …

I thought myself very clever to call it “acromania,” but it turns out that means some sort of particularly violent form of insanity.

Yesterday, after sitting for far too long in front of the computer screen, I caught a whiff of spring and decided to huff it up to the roof of our 180-year-old apartment building.  The door to the “cherdak” (attic) was wide open, and beyond that, all that stood between me and the pigeon kingdom was a shattered window.

Roof-climbing is a popular pasttime in St. Petersburg, and on the steeps of the Grey City it’s something like the rush of subway surfing minus the danger of high speeds.  This is no Mary Poppins dance of the chimney sweeps — as I clambered around, my footsteps snapped the roof’s loose, metal protective casing in and out like gun shots.krishka-are-created-by-you

Parties on rooftops, under which the attendees may or may not live, are also frequently announced last-minute on sites like, the Russian rip-off of Facebook down to the very same color scheme.  It seems only reckless youth share this anti-acrophobia, because I’ve never seen anyone out on his roof, let alone his balcony.



6 Responses to “Anti-acrophobia on the roofs of Peter”

  1. Stephen Streed Says:

    It would be “acrophilia”, would it not?

  2. Hey, nice tips. Perhaps I’ll buy a glass of beer to that person from that chat who told me to visit your site 🙂

  3. Paul Brown Says:

    Very nice information. Thanks for the time put into the blog you wrote.

  4. Hazman Says:

    I’m suffering from this anti-acrophobia, too. Every time I am at high places, I will feel excited always thinking of jumping off from that place.

  5. That’s an all ’round amazingly written post

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