Play review tackles disregard of Soviet past

Asya Levina hit the nail on the head with a review of the new play “Mandelstam’s Not Here” (“Mandelstama Nyet”) in Utro Peterburga:

“In the conditions of the economic, financial and spiritual crisis, our countrymen are starting to forget their own history, even that recent history of the Gulags, which they opened for themselves with such enthusiasm just ten short years ago … The key idea of the play about Mandelstam is exactly that the past did not disappear to anywhere; it is felt and, not having understood, not having interpreted it, not having constructed a precise moral relationship with it, to advance into the future is impossible.”

Read my thoughts on University & State.


One Response to “Play review tackles disregard of Soviet past”

  1. I read the full article on University & State and I thought it was a vital, relevant article for both Russians and Americans. Alec, you should approach the editors of the newspapers in your hometown and Madison and submit this article for publication. It’s not only enlightening as to the Russian culture, but helps us examine our American culture more fully.

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