Good karma

Today’s first order of pleasure: The Helsinki-Vantaa Airport has free wireless Internet!  Praises to you brave Norsemen!  May you achieve neverending glory in the halls of Valhalla for this marvelous feat of modern technology access, which neither New Delhi, Amsterdam, or a slew of other airports have equalled!  I’m ecstactic even as I face the bleak snowscape on the final leg of my trip.

Things weren’t so bright last night.  I found myself in Murkina Market in Vasant Vihar, Delhi, after 10 p.m., with 70 rupees in my pocket and an impending flight departure, the only white guy on the block. In other words, I found myself in shit.

I needed an auto rickshaw to the airport, a drug-addled shop-owner had told me I could get one for 60 rupees, but the cabbies weren’t having it. 100 rupees, 250 rupees, 125 rupees – the prices were elastic and unpredictable. A deal was going down for 90 rupees when my savior emerged from the crowd of sepia faces. Radiant and sublime, her soft chin and languid eyes shining from beneath her maroon shall and red-and-black pullover, she asked me where I needed to go and turned her silver tongue toward persuading a particularly rakish rickshaw driver, the apparent leader.

She told me that 90 rupees would do, to which I replied I only had 70. She only smiled and handed 20 rupees to the driver, then began to fade away.

“Thank you very much,” I said stupidly, like a pimple-faced checkout clerk who’s just rung up the prom queen. I waved as the rickshaw pulled away.

Whence was my serene angel? Why did she give of herself to a stranger, up shit creek due to his own ill-prepared, bullheaded jones for adventure in the far reaches of Delhi?

Was she devoutly determined, on a mission to ease suffering? Was she shoring up her karma? Was she struck by my wit and charm, silver and gold?

I felt like I was living out that Kevin Spacey flick “Pay It Forward.” Which is fine, as long as nobody dies in the end.  I mean, however annoying Haley Joel Osment’s many puppy-dog impressions get, it was still a pity …


2 Responses to “Good karma”

  1. Yelena Shuster Says:

    i love surprises like this.

  2. Stephen Streed Says:

    The Terets outburst does not juxtapose well with the melting memory of the Indian beauty queen.

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