The Road calls; E&B answers

Facing the grim prospect of ever colder and darker days in St. Petersburg, Eagle and the Bear has hit the road and will be traveling for the next three weeks.  The “plan” involves wandering around old churches and baking in a Finnish sauna in Helsinki, then hopping a flight to Delhi to enjoy the simple pleasures of sunny (?) India, where I hope the local cuisine will be a Viagra boon to my taste buds, which have settled into a premature, dull middle age after six months of pickles being the spiciest thing on the menu.

Then it’s on to Nepal, to visit Eli L of in Kathmandu, where I’ll lasso a few elephants, learn to tune up a Royal Enfield under monsoon conditions, and contemplate climbing Mount Everest.

Look for photos, tall tales and dispatches from base camp K2 (after the Everest climb, I mean).


3 Responses to “The Road calls; E&B answers”

  1. Sonya Anderson Says:

    A great choice of life style, Alec. Best wishes on this and subsequent journies.

  2. Ah, amazing! It seems you are always moving about that side of the globe, you lucky duck. Have a great time traveling!! Can’t wait to see photos…

  3. Sushmit Ghosh Says:

    tuning up to the bulllet in the monsoons in nepal? you sure are living the life… 🙂

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