Got that New Year feeling

Early in the morning, rising to the street.  Make me some acrid instant coffee and I strap shoes on my feet.

Got to find a reason, a reason things went wrong (because I went to Conchita Bonita last night against my better judgment).  Got to find a reason why my money’s all gone (okay, it’s because I spent it all searching out Egg Nog supplies, going out for a champagne-and-lasagna Christmas dinner, and buying vodka, cognac and whiskey, only one of which is cheap in Russia).

But all was right in the world in this morning as I made my way to the Hermitage around 11 a.m., which in Petersburg this time of year is literally the crack of dawn.  In the morning sunshine (rare indeed), several priceless nights of celebration under my belt and more to come, I truly felt the New Year’s feeling that lights up the entire country this time of year like a fork in a light socket.  It’s this same feeling — in combination with the Russian philosophy of living in grand style, which in Russian is called “living on the wide foot” — that made George Michael the highest-paid one-night-only performer in history.

It’s New Years, “Noviy God” in Russian.  And the party has long since started.  On my way out of the Hermitage a few hours later, I noticed a bum in a Santa-Claus hat hustling out of a produkti with a bottle of champagne and plastic cup, grinning like Dopey from Snow White.  People are out walking the city at all hours of the night, climbing around historic landmarks besmirched with gaudy garlands of lights.  Rumor has it that those in the know at will have the chance to bring in the New Year high above the city at an undisclosed, unauthorized rooftop location.

At the aforementioned Conchita Bonita, one over-excited waitress made several rounds of the bar last night, handing out sparklers, confetti poppers, and finally a mixed bag of costumes.  Not long thereafter, several gnomes, devils and a construction worker were seen hassling the group of girls strutting around the pole in the middle of the dancefloor.


2 Responses to “Got that New Year feeling”

  1. S Nastupajuschim Novym Godom!!!!!

  2. bjpasquale Says:

    so sublime ; )

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