Russian winter vs. Petersburg rain

St. Petersburg rain wins.  We had over a week of beautiful snow cover, allowing us posers here in Russia’s “Window on the West” to play at experiencing the Russian winter.  But this week things took a turn for the warm and rainy, so it’s back into the muck of overloaded sewer drains and never-ending street construction, only this time in the dark.

We’re down to six hours of light a day, but as darkness continues to linger longer past the proverbial first crowing, soon we’ll be down to two hours of blessed light before night envelopes us in heavy slumber again.


One Response to “Russian winter vs. Petersburg rain”

  1. Since Russia has a season of little or no daylight, does it have some sort of celebration so the people can gird up for the approaching darkness, like the Scandinavians have Midsummer Night celebrations and so on? I thought St. Petersburg had a week of parties, and if so, why aren’t they happening now?

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