Если есть в кармане пачка сигарет

I’ve always been jealous of smokers.  Standing around Joe Camel-cool, puckering your lips as you gaze heavenward and contentedly release a plume that will help kill the chelovek standing down the street, is a great way to relax.  I mean, what am I going to do when I need a break from the books?  Go get a cookie?  Even a cup of coffee’s out of the question here in Russia, since the bean choice ranges from watery espresso to instant coffee.

I hate having cigarettes on my breath all day, and the headaches that sometimes follow the buzz, so I’ve restrained myself thus far.  Even when I came to Russia and found that a pack of cigarettes costs as much as a pack of gum.


But at a concert or bar, I do like to wash my beer down with a few drags on a cig.  When I was in Italy, we drank our Chianti with Muratti cigarettes.  In Madison, Eli L of KATHMANDUMA always had me puffing “P-Funks” after a night at the bars.  And in Petersburg, we like to smoke Corsar [sic] of the Queen, even though they’re outrageously expensive, relatively speaking.

Today I found all three at the same cigarette stand.  Total cost: 120 roubles ($4.37).  Three packs of Russian Styles would have only cost me 63 roubles.

So now we understand why 60% of Russian men smoke, and one reason why the population is plunging.

“Но если есть в кармане пачка сигарет,
Значит все не так уж плохо на сегодняшний день.” – Виктор Цой, группа Кино

“But if you have in your pocket a pack of cigarettes,
It means everything’s not so bad, at least for today.” – Victor Tsoy, of the band Kino.  Listen here.


5 Responses to “Если есть в кармане пачка сигарет”

  1. Alkali Matt Says:

    Good call with the song. I definitely played that song today in Razgovornaya Praktika after my presentation and heard a cover of it in a bar on Tuesday. It’s just popping up everywhere.

  2. Back in the old times of the USSR when only basic goods were available to the consumer, cigarettes were one of them. Cigarettes were cheap and available: that was one of the few things the government provided its people with (along with bread, free education and medical care, pensions). Interestingly, when the USSR started falling apart, the cigarettes disappeared from the government stores.

  3. Over in the du, I try to refrain from the 80 rp packs of marbolos. Though it seems as if ever expat has formed a slight addiction to the $1.10 pack – cheaper than a candybar.

  4. Да пошленько немного, а так прикольно) я обожаю …)

    здесь видел ет gamebulletin.ru

  5. Занятная статья, мне кажется что вам нужно в какие нибудь спец журналы писать 🙂

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