First snow in Petersburg

55 a.m. today.

My courtyard, 1:55 a.m. today.

We had our first lasting snow in Petersburg yesterday, so all those of you who razzed me for heading off to one of the few countries arguably more wintry than Wisconsin can have a laugh now.

But this snowfall was actually a bit unexpected, since they haven’t had snow in Petersburg for the past two years.  I’d liken it to an accidental pregnancy: A nasty/joyfyl surprise (depending on your point of view) that causes you rethink your life (“Maybe I do need to pick up that giant rabbit-fur ushanka if I don’t want babushkas to rag on me all the time”) and makes you walk funny (those sidewalks are icy, man).

The Russian meteorologists are calling it “pre-winter” — not sure what that’s supposed to mean.


4 Responses to “First snow in Petersburg”

  1. Great comparison 😉

  2. Ooh, ooh, was it wet snow?

    Also, do Russians shovel their sidewalks? Azeris did not, and it was frustrating.

  3. very wet — the stickiest of the icky.
    petersburgians aren’t that great about shoveling their sidewalks. it’s not that they like falling on their ass all the time, it’s just that it takes to much work to hold anyone responsible for getting it done. not the russian way.

  4. I love russia. I spend there almost every summer. This is a very interesting site, thought I do not share all the opinions here, I will definitely come back here to check what’s new.
    I am going to russai again in January to see some snow (it’s missing where i live). And here are some photos from Russia (last winter) if you are interested: See ya

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