Russian reggae

Saw a Russian reggae concert by the local group I-LASKA last night, and I will say, that despite originating 5720.3 miles from the birthplace of reggae, they can play pretty damn well.  I went with a few friends from Stirka, one of whom knew the mad-nimble bass player from the band.

It could have been a reggae concert in the States, only the lyrics were in Russian (except for the English-language cliche, rendered truly campy by the Russian accent, in the chorus of the first song: “Chill out, chill out, chill out!”).

Also surprising, the club’s beefy security types were inexplicably on edge at the sight of a bunch of peaceful souls grooving to a band fronted by a singer in rainbow suspenders.  In fact, the “face control” stooge at the door was convinced I was packing heat (likely on account of my “rebellious” black bandana, a real novelty here) and gave me one of the most thorough friskings I’ve ever experienced.  What a pointless power trip, especially when you consider that for the DDT concert at the CKK arena, a big enough venue for someone to do some real damage, the security didn’t even check my ticket.


2 Responses to “Russian reggae”

  1. Done and done. I enjoy your blog.

  2. if you’re still in spb, check out dr. i-bolit at jambala club on november 7 – the man was one of the first persons to play roots reggae here and one of the most authentic ones

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