Who cares who started it?

On the debate sparked by Georgian recordings purporting to show that Russian troops invaded first:

Start by realizing it was disadvantageous for the Georgians to storm South Ossetia regardless of whether there was already a Russian invasion underway. Because of Russia’s clear military presence (and therefore dominance) in the region — Russian planes had been overflying Georgia for months — the Georgians really should have realized what a colossal blunder they were making.  Maybe they did and felt they had no choice, moving in a last-attempt bid to win quickly and seal off South Ossetia from Russia via the Roki Tunnel.

In the end, who really cares who started it? Both sides have been aching to throw down for South Ossetia since long before shells started falling. Since at least January, Medvedev/Putin and Saakashvili have been shuffling their military forces around the region like impetuous Battleship players impatient to start calling out shots, with ominous but under-reported trash talk to match their posturing.

The only real mystery is why.  Because of this conflict, Tbilisi has lost any chance at control of South Ossetia, and Moscow now has to commit even more money and resources to the war-torn region.  Saakashvili looks like too much of a hothead for the prim-and-proper NATO kids, and Medvedev/Putin are still the rabid dog scaring the citizens of the international community.  Talk about senseless loss of life.

Why is it that the biggest political stage so often resembles the smallest, i.e. the playground?

“C-1!”  “Hit!”


2 Responses to “Who cares who started it?”

  1. I care.

    It is ridiculous how diligently media keep talking who started the Georgian war. It reminds me the Finnish Winter War in 1939, also then Russians claimed we Finns started this war. Oh, yes, as if we just like that decided to attack USSR, the first of the two most aggressive and criminal giant states of the world.

    Georgian 08 war started already in 1991 when Red Army helped communist KGB-general Eduard Shevardnadze to oust the first democratically elected president DR Zviad Gamsakhurdia and also the first elected parliament in the USSR, Georgia. As a reward of help USA promised Russians that the whole Caucasus will stay as a part of Russians sphere of interest. But Yankees forgot their promise and that´s what the Georgians have payed for 18 years.

    Instead of writing who started the war, I ask editors to think how it is possible Russians can violate all possible human rights, including horrible genocide in Abkhasia and Chechen Republic, in front the the very eyes of the hypocrite West.

    Believe me, the Caucasians are human beings, too. I know it, because I have known them for more than 30 years and lived in both Chechenia and Georgia. Most of the time I have been ashamed for the colleague journalist, being also an editor my self. The truth is not somewhere between, the truth is that Russian is the only murderer of the Caucasus story. Under the UN blue helmet they have inspired, armed and started all conflicts at the area, and they will continue their criminal job as long as they feel they have been fooled by – what-ever-who.

    Aila Niinimaa-Keppo
    Editor, Chairman of the Finland-Georgia Society and the Finnish-Caucasian Association.

  2. Sorry, my first name is Aila, not Aiala!

    Have a nice Valentine!

    Aila Niinimaa-Keppo

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