Lenin lives!

Gem in the rough at the Utdel'naya Reenok, a gynormous flea market in St. Petersburg.

A proletarian gem in the rough at the Udyel'niy Rinok, the gynormous St. Petersburg flea market.


3 Responses to “Lenin lives!”

  1. It’s touching, in a way, to see a bust of Lenin with a red scarf carefully tied around his neck and a beret carefully placed on his head–sitting next to a pile of tires. He is obviously still a hero to some in the proletariat, if not to many. We should all be so lucky that someone thinks of the work we’ve done during our lives and makes a small gesture to commemorate it after we’re gone.

  2. There’s no doubt Lenin is still revered in Russia today. Of the two greatest Russian tyrants, he was the one who was never discredited. But I don’t think this scarf and beret were signs of reverence: For one thing, most of the rinok sellers are Uzbeks, and for two, Russians love capitalism too much to pine for the communist days (although they may still hunger for their Cold-War clout).

  3. Lenin zhil, Lenin zhiv, Lenin budet zhit’! Nice picture.

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