Russian hardcore: Just as hard

What were we doing trekking through the alleyways of the Sennaya bazaar, deserted beside a few swarthy central Asian vendors smoking the day’s last cigarette, in search of the elusive Club “Friday” this Wednesday night? Going to a Russian hardcore concert, of course.*

From my limited experience with American hardcore music (Between the Buried and Me, Protest the Hero, Fall of Troy, Lamb of God, As I Lay Dying), I can say that the St. Petersburg hardcore scene would fit right in. The main difference is that you would find the growls are in Russian, were you able to distinguish any words at all. But there were nevertheless plenty of well-pierced kids banging around in the толкучка (tolkoochka, or mosh pit), displaying the same brotherly concern in picking up fallen fellow moshers.

I went on the invitation of my Russian friend Pavel, who plays drums in the local group FBand. We were barely able to find the place; even the locals we profiled by appearance (earrings, tattoos, metal-studded clothing) only had a vague idea where it was.

But once we reached the concert, we could have been anywhere in America kids go to headbang to drums you can still hear echoing between your ears the next morning. Music truly is the universal language.

* Hardcore is the disambiguation I’ve heard used most often to refer to that nebulous category of music that should probably technically be considered a metalcore derivation, but hey, one person can only keep track of so many ‘cores before his or her brain melts under the pressure of thinking while listening to distorted guitars and double bass drum played at nuclear-explosion levels of volume and ferocity. In a word, this style incorporates elements of metal, punk and rock and takes them a step further. It’s heavy, heavy stuff.


One Response to “Russian hardcore: Just as hard”

  1. Mitch,the aussie Says:

    Music can do things that no other artform can do,
    like you said, Music truly is the universal language.
    This was written by a musical therapist

    What better “medicine” than a “treatment” that has only positive side effects and “therapy” that is actually enjoyable. That is the “miracle of music” when applied with intention.

    nice post
    oh and listen to some Aussie Hardcore mannnn

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