McDonald’s, Dostoevsky, Vodka

Fun facts from Sergei Aleksandrovich, professor of political science at St. Petersburg State University:

• Vodka is not a Russian drink: It was first introduced in the time of Peter the Great. Before that, peasants drank mead.

• Russian literature students’ most hated author: Dostoevsky. Number two: Tolstoy.

• A five-kilometer line formed outside the first McDonald’s in Russia when it opened its doors in 1988 (May I add that it’s still a hip place to go for a bite).

• East or West? A Russian saying goes, “Russia is the heart of the world.”


3 Responses to “McDonald’s, Dostoevsky, Vodka”

  1. Brian Philippi Says:

    Where did vodka come from then? I’m not surprised the lit students hate Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy.

  2. I’ve always heard that vodka comes from Poland, and when I was in Krakow, a local affirmed that the Poles generally claim credit. But we all know who does it best now — na zdorov’ye, comrades!

  3. wow great ,,,,, nice one to read
    and interesting toooooooo

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