One big beautification project

The Winter Palace "na remont."

The Winter Palace "na remont."

One of the first things the intrepid traveler butts his head up against in Russia is the constant renovations, known in Russian as ремонт (“remont”). Partially a product of the country’s growing economy and rapidly inflating national pride, the construction/renovation boom never seems to end. One prominent example of this phenomenon is the Winter Palace in the State Hermitage Museum, which houses over 3,000,000 works of art. The outside of the historic building is itself a beauty to behold, when not covered by scaffolding and tarps.  And no, that’s just a mock-up of the real facade (a faux facade, if you will).  


2 Responses to “One big beautification project”

  1. alec!
    urah! i am so glad you’re doing it. it’s making me miss russia so much already! although i cannot be with you to tell you from what page we’re reading the dialogue or where to meet for the lecture, at least i can pretend i am with you!

  2. Randy Mitchell Says:

    In 1982, one of the first Russian words I learned was remont. I seem to recall something like “capital reconstruction”. So, indeed you are correct–never ending. I do hope you get to see the Hermitage without the scaffolding. From 1994-1996, I use to go by the Hermitage on my daily commute. Enjoy!

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